Fire Depts

Winston County is served by two city Fire Departments and Seven County Volunteer Departments. Our County is grateful for the efforts of our career and citizen firefighters and other volunteers.

Betheden Volunteer Fire Department  

600 Betheden Road

 Randal Livingston -Fire Chief

247 Livingston Road

Louisville, Ms 39339


East Winston Volunteer Fire Department

10390 Hwy 14 East

 Bumper Hemphill -Fire Chief

1773 Ellison Ridge Road

Louisville, MS 39339


High Point Volunteer Fire Department
1517 High Point Road

 Kenny Mayo -Fire Chief

5056 Hwy 15 North

Louisville, MS 39339


Lobutcha Volunteer Fire Department

1677 Hinze-Rural Hill Road

 Rickey Steed -Fire Chief

2719 Hinze-Rural Hill Road

McCool, MS 39108


City Of Louisville Fire Department

304 South Spring Street

 Terry Johnson -Fire Chief

304 South Spring Street

Louisville, MS 39339


Mars Hill Volunteer Fire Department

4470 Mars Hill Road

 Greg Sisson -Fire Chief

3980 Mars Hill Road

Philadelphia, MS 39350


Nanih Waiya Volunteer Fire Department

13866 Hwy 397

 David Sullivan -Fire Chief

905 Sullivan Road

Preston, MS 39354


Town Of Noxapater Fire Department

131 West Main Street

 D. J. Reed -Fire Chief

Noxapater, MS 39346


Shiloh Volunteer Fire Department

2089 Huntly Road

 Jody Garrard -Fire Chief

578 Dempsey Road

Louisville, MS 39339